High Quality Calcium Silicate Board Manufacturing Machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Automatic Calcium Silicate Board Production Line
  • Indensity:> =1.6g/cm3 1.72g/cm3 Qualified
  • Vertical:> =17 MPa 21.4MPa
  • Water Absorption:< =24% 16.8% Qualified
  • Applicable Industries:Construction Works

Product Details

Calcium Silicate Board Production Line 

Calcium Silicate Board Production Line
Main Product Specification: 2440 x 1220 x (6~18)mm (L x W x T)


01、Clean and back water tank

02、Raw material tank (cement tank,lime tank,bentonite tank ,etc.)

03、Quartz conveying system

04、Wet ball mill selecting process

05、Ball mill

06、Raw  metarial dosing process

07、Paper pulp process

08、Pulp hydraulic process

09、Pulp refiner

10、Slag separator

11、Pulping process

12Slurry storing tank

13Plate-making process

14Board making line

15、Fullbox process

16、Full box and round sieve cylinder compound machine

17、Board blanket catcher,waste crusher

18、Ultra-high pressure water cutting system

19、Three-position pneumatic stacking machine

20、Press machine

21、Four-position pneumatic stacking machine and brush oil section

22、Lift platform process

23、Motor driven trolley /trolley for autoclave/ 304autoclave base plate

24、2 sets of equipment installation site


26、After production process,tile moulded wave shaping machine


28、Automactic chemical segment

29、Convenient transportation network

Main raw material:
Reinforced fiber (pulp, wollastonite, glass fiber, mica, chrysotile and so on.), siliceous material (quartz powder, fly ash, diatomite and so on.), calcareous material (unslaked lime powder, cement) and additives.

Standard of production:
Calcium silicate board production based on Industry Standard JC/T564-2008-"Fiber reinforced calcium silicate board".

This is just for your reference, we can customize designing according to your requirements.
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